I’m Laura, mummy to Riley and wife to Kevin. I work full time and then come home in the evening for yet more work in the form of housework and raising my little person.


I’ve always loved taking pictures and writing and have tried to kick off a blog for a long time but always struggled to find the time. I’ve decided now that it is the best way to record all of my families memories ¬†and I am dedicating time in my crazy life to actually give it a proper shot.

I am a lover of travel, before I had Riley I swore I was going to do all the travelling I could. Having Riley, I want him to experience all the exciting wonders of the world too so am working hard to save to take him on as many holidays as possible!


Kevin and I have been together for over six years now. We met over our work IM and whilst first impressions were not great, we eventually met and had a long distance relationship for two years before before I took the big step to move away from family and friends and in with him. We married in December 2015 in a lovely winter wedding which Riley got to be a part of.


Riley is 3 years old and is honestly the centre of my world. He constantly amazes me every day with how much he learns at nursery, and at the same time terrifies me that he is growing up so quickly.

He is a crazy little guy who loves keeping mummy and daddy on their toes! His favourite thing to do is run.