And its back to business as usual!

Well, after an unexpected break from blogging it is now back in business. I am determined more than ever to re-invigorate my little corner of the internet and bring it back to life.

A lot has changed in the 10 months since my last blog post. For one we have a brand new addition to the family. Yes we have gone from a normal little life of three which was just becoming all that more easy, to utter chaos again. Our new little bub, Brody, arrived at the very end of January and I now look back at my posts from last year and can’t believe he has only just arrived!

I had planned on blogging my entire pregnancy journey, however after a very sick first few months and suffering from extreme exhaustion all whilst still juggling a very demanding job, a busy family life and a house move, I found it difficult to dedicate the time to even keep it updated with our adventures.

My entire pregnancy (up until 37 weeks) I felt a nervousness and an overwhelming panicking feeling that when it came to my due date I was not going to bring a baby home from the hospital. It was the most ridiculous feeling, even more so now writing it down. For this reason I kept our little secret very quiet and only let a very few in on it. Every second has still been recorded on my macbook; I have diaries full of details and updates  from every week and my plan is to retrospectivly blog them.

When it came to the start of 2018 I had committed to myself i would start this up again, but struggled to find the time once again. Now that I am on maternity leave I really want to make the effort to keep this up to date as a record of our little family life as the kids grow.



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