Does anyone else use the Timehop app on their phone? I love it! It’s all to easy to forget the small things you did the years before. I am terrible for taking photos of everything and never sorting through them, so Timehop sometimes brings up the most crazy little memories of times I had completly forgotten but cleary thought it important enough to photograph at the time!

With Riley growing quicker than I thought possible, I cherish these silly photos of everything and anything. It is amazing to see how quickly children grow from babies, to toddlers. When he was born everyone kept repeating the words “You forget they were ever this small!” To me this seemed crazy. How could you forget that? I completly understand it now. Life passes you by in a blink of an eye and that tiny little baby i once used to rock to sleep took himself to bed last night. Read himself his own book and turned off his own light.

Sure his bedtimes are now an hour later and i lose that extra hour to just be me – Laura, not a manager, not mummy, not wife – just Laura, its all a sign off him growing up and changing. I am so scared that i the blink of an eye he has learned how caterpillars turn into butterflies, how spiders have 8 legs and that their webs are made of silk. He speaks in proper sentences, learns and knows so much it amazes me. They are little sponges and soak it all up. It honestly fascinates me picking him up from nursery every night and having conversations in the car on the 10 minute drive home. Every day there is that little bit more independence in him – “No mummy, I can do it!”

Every night before I go to bed, I slip into his room and watch him for a minute, study and memorise every little detail on his face and give him a kiss on the forehead before making sure he is fully tucked in. As much as I want him to stay my little boy I am so blessed to watch him explore the world and learn so much!

For now I’m going to let him stay little, because as i am fast learning, they only stay that way for a while.

We are going on holiday next week. I cannot wait! I’ve never felt I needed a break so much before, it’s going to be awesome to get away for a little bit. This is going to be a relaxing holiday – a bit of sun and sea, sunbathing and cocktails and a good family break. Our honeymoon back in January we went to Florida. Whilst it was amazing, was busy and full of action!

Every time before I go on holiday I get my hair cut and coloured so it looks fresh for going away! Now I’ve also got Kevin into this as well, which also means little boo get his hair cut too!

Riley LOVES going to the barbers. I told him on Thursday he would be going to get his haircut this weekend and he kept asking when he got home from nursery “Can I get my my hair cut now mummy?” I’m pretty sure this is just because he gets a lolly afterwards!

So off we went at 10am to get the boys hair cut. Kevin and Riley’s hair is so different. Riley seems to have taken my rather fine hair and Kevin has very thick wiry hair that doesn’t do much either than go curly! Oh…and is going grey!

Riley sat perfectly…giggled a few times when the clippers tickled him but was good none the less. Definitely warranted the lolly which he did successfully get.

Little Boo requested lots of spiky hair!

We had to rush home quite quickly after the boys had their hair done as I had an appointment at 12 to get my hair sorted! I had my hair extensions taken out last month and I’ve been really upset with how fine my hair is ever since, so I’ve been needing to give my hair a bit of something again! I’ve been bored with the standard bit of colour I’ve always gone for – so today, I decided to do something a bit different! Having found some rose gold colour pins on Pintrest i decided I wanted a variation of that!  
Before and after hair shots – colour makes such a huge difference to my complexion! 
You can’t see the pinky/red in the light in this picture, so you will have to take my word for it for now that it looks awesome! I guess it would have to after sitting in the hairdressers chair for 4 hours to endure lightning and toning to get the desired effect! 
I feel so much better about my hair now, so glad I have gone for something different this time around.  Even Kevin noticed looked different! Riley is already asking to go back to the hairdressers tomorrow again!
Two new hair-dos selfie
Epic fail – got to be quick to get a good photo of Riley – and careful not to get head butted in your eye! 
Now i feel we are all ready for our holiday-bobs! Can’t wait!

New Beginnings…again!

Well I think this is my third attempt at starting a blog! One just after Riley, my son was born (he’s now three – oops!), another just before my wedding – I planned to go through all of my wedding preparation and how it happened on the day (that was 9 months ago now!). That was the previous post on this blog. Well I made one, sometimes two blog entries on each and then gave up as I always feel there is nothing exciting to talk about in my life. I am pretty boring!

My little family – Kevin, Riley and Me on our wedding day – photo credit – James Solly
Being completely honest, my career takes up a lot of my time, and this is probably why I feel like I am boring. I very recently secured a promotion. Funnily enough I did feel the job I was doing previous was very similar to the one I was gaining, however, I really under-estimated the responsibility that had now been thrown at me! I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard, or such long hours in my life before and still feel like I’m drowning. I really HATE not being good at something, I can’t stand feeling like I’m failing, these are the only two things I have felt since moving into this role! Which my manager did warn me about, and warned me that the role I was moving into wouldn’t be easy, and would have me questioning “What the hell have I done?!” two months into the job role change. She was right for sure!
Well last month after a late night heart to heart with my manager I’ve realised that when I start feeling out of depth and start to panic, I revert to a default state of CONTROL.  Yup you heard me, I am a control freak! Understanding this has made me realise the reason I struggle is because I hate letting control go. I now have a small team of two, about to become three people, and honestly, as much as I know they are brilliant people, I stupidly don’t want to hand over things to them to deliver as I panic it won’t go the way it should. When I say should, I mean the way I see it in my head, which almost never happens  
Taking another step back, I also realise that this crazy control freak side of me is not just in my work life either. I am a total control freak in my home life too. Bless my long enduring husband. I meticulously plan everything out in our lives. From when we moved in,  when we would get married, when we can buy our first house, the holidays we will take and when. Heck when we took our last holiday to Las Vegas four years ago I mapped out everything with times, where we would eat, how much we would need for each meal. Some (me) may argue this is sensible, and others (Kevin) will tell you this is ridiculous and you need to be spontaneous. Me and Kev are complete polar opposites when it comes to our outlook on life. Everything I do is thought out and planned in my head (and sometimes even Microsoft Project) before it happens.
When these plans don’t come to fruition that’s when I panic more and create recovery plans and don’t let anyone else touch anything!
One thing that is guaranteed with a child is that nothing ever goes to plan! Take tonight for example. Lovingly prepared healthy meal for dinner. Nice tasty chicken salad wrap. Plated with a side of peppers which he has never turned down before.
Riley: “Nope mummy, not eating that.”
Mummy: “Why Riley, its tasty? Look I’m eating it too!”
Riley: “I don’t want it!”
Mummy: “Mummy made it specially for you. You like peppers.”
Riley: “I already eat peppers at nursery. I don’t want them at home. I want a plain wrap”
Laura: “Please just try it Riley!”
Riley: “I don’t like it mum.”
Mummy: “How do you know if you haven’t even tried?!”
I eventually caved in and gave him a plan wrap. In my mothering life I’ve realised you have to pick and choose your fights. Some are just not worth getting upset over. This was one of them, despite his dinner getting chucked in the bin.

The untouched filled wrap!
Dinner time in this house is always a nightmare. Ever since he stopped having his dinner for nursery (a whole year ago!) he hasn’t eaten dinner properly at home. I’ve lost count of the things I’ve tried. Letting him help make it, giving him a decision between two meals, sitting at the dinner table until he has eaten it, his own special table, his own table matt with his name on, own cups plates and special cutlery. So many different things. A couple of things would work for a day or two, then he would revert back to normal. So now all I can do is give him his plate of chicken nuggets and sausage rolls and let him decide to eat only one thing off it. Yes, my child has a shit diet. If he didn’t eat fruit and some veg till it came out his ears I would be worried. His nursery provides brilliant nutritious meals so I know he doesn’t miss out on vitamins. I try to live by the inverted triangle law for his meals now, nice healthy filling breakfast, a fairly big lunch and a small dinner, with a bit of supper before bed. It works for us, for now anyway!

Planning and needing to be in control of everything is just not worth it. The amount of stress in both my professional and personal life causes is crazy. I’ve had a long hard talk with myself and am really now trying super hard to stop focusing on these things – after all, how can you ever have any fun in life if you always know what’s coming round that corner, and if it isn’t what you expect – why waste time planning how to get it back on track. Somethings in life are better left to being a surprise!

Less than a week till Halloween my countdown timer popped up today. “Never mind Halloween!” I thought. Its almost 6 weeks or 44 days till my wedding!

The day I thought would take forever in coming round is nearly finally here. Its been booked for longer than I care to remember and everything (so far) has fallen into place nicely. There have been a few bumps along the way; mainly waiting for my other half – that’s Kevin, to actually do what he had to on time, but I can’t help but feel this is just the calm before the storm.

We got engaged on Hogmany (that’s New years eve to you non-Scot’s folk!) and saw in the beginning of 2014 as fiance’s. It was a bit of a disappointing proposal with more of a ring being thrust in my face with more of a “Here you go,” than the romantic “You mean the world to me, will you marry me?” spiel that I always imagined. Since telling this story it fascinates me the number of people that haven’t had that magical fairy tale proposal and how wrong things can really go! 
I let Kev off after discovering his original proposal idea hadn’t gone exactly to plan on Christmas Day.  Now, Kev is a very “last-minute” kind of guy and usually he gets by with this. But when it comes to something which needs planning he does tend to fall down on his face! The idea of proposing had been there for a while, but in typical Kevin fashion, he didn’t think about buying the ring until a few days before Christmas day, not realising that shops do not stock every ring in every size. Disaster number one – No ring in my size and had to be ordered in. Kev figured it would be in in time and so proceeded to purchase a Christmas card with the words “To my Fiance” on the front. He rather sweetly wanted to ask my dad for my hand in marriage. My parents were coming to stay this Christmas as it was our son’s first Christmas and we wanted everyone there. The weather however, took a turn for the worse and prohibited my parents from being able to come through the night before. 
It became clear to Kev on Christmas Eve that the ring was not going to be in on time for his big romantic proposal. Disaster numbers two, three and four – he was stuck with no ring, no permission, no Christmas present and a Christmas card with fiance written on the front. Quick thinker that he is, he dashed to Primark and grabbed a pair of £5 pajamas. I won’t deny i felt more than a little miffed after spending so much on him that all I received was Primark pajamas!
Kev may be a little forgetful, lazy or just far too laid back, and this just makes him the polor opposite from me, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. I can’t wait to marry him and to share the excitement leading up to the big day on here.