Friday Favourites

I feel like every week I am posting, ‘oh what a week!” but it honestly does feel like each week is so much more intense than the last! I think it is just work zapping the life out of me in all honesty. Although I am very glad I got to spend this week at home rather than living out of my suitcase, but I do miss having people make my bed and not having to cook or do the washing up!

This weeks favourite thing has been the return of one of my favourite TV shows – Scandal!.

Oh I am so glad this show is back! I binge watched all past 5 series of Scandal over the space of a month. I don’t know what it is, that mad chemistry between Olivia and Fitz, or Mellie’s crazy determination, maybe Olivia’s dysfunctional relationship with her father, or her fathers odd attachment to Jake…but I am hooked! If you haven’t seen it, you should give it a try…its brilliant.

I do hope that this series gets the show back on track, I didn’t enjoy the last season quite as much as the previous 4 due to the departure of one of my favourite characters and the change of some of the roles of the characters but I will still happily watch it regardless!


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