Our fab Christmas!

Riley was tucked up in bed, not a creature was stirring – not even a mouse…until 3am when Riley’s cough worsened again and I had to get up to see to him. I prayed he wouldn’t notice the santa sack in the corner of his room as I settled him back to sleep and scurried back to the warmth of my bed.
Crisis averted and I didn’t hear from him until 7 when he was struggling into our room dragging that brimming sack of presents behind him!
“Mummy, look what santa left me!” he announced with the excitement ringing in his little voice! I was so excited about how excited he was! This year he was REALLY into Christmas. I mean really into it! Previous years he has still just been a wee bit too small to really know what was happening. Last year was good but this year the excitement leading upto it was just amazing!
Whilst that buzz of how excited I used to be as a kid is clearly never going to come back, it is lovely to be able to experience it all from my sons innocent eyes. The magic of santa, of sleighs with bells
We had an extra 15 mins in bed letting him open some of his presents leaving a wake of wrapping paper everywhere! When I decided to opt for a sack rather than a stocking this was definitely one of the benefits I thought of! Living in a rented flat, not having any real surfaces to hang a stocking from it seemed like the only option anyway! We used to use pillow cases as kids too as we never had anywhere for stocking to hang in our house either so I guess it’s a bit of a family tradition!
Riley was super excited as we got into the living room – he saw Santa had eaten his cookie and drunk his milk and that Rudolph had eaten his carrot! I love how exciting that is to a kid! I still remember how amazed I was as a young child at how santa could eat and drink so much on Christmas eve!
Overall there was about 20 mins dedicated to present opening. Riley is one of those kids who opens his present and then wants to get the toy out immediately to play with it. Total opposite from me, I like to rip everything open and then go back to it all afterwards! So I had to encourage him to continue to open more and that we would play with all his new toys once he knew what he had to play with.
We spent most of the morning setting up Riley’s new presents and letting him play with them – honestly I do believe these toy manufacturers really love giving parents three different types of tie and clip to attach toys to the box.
Dinner was brilliant; in fact, Kevin even said “It’s the best meal you have cooked in 5 years!” Really not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not…has my food been that bad for 5 years?! But it was a good meal that I thoroughly enjoyed. Riley of course, didn’t touch a thing…no change there then.
For the rest of the Christmas break Riley and I drove through to my mum and dads to spend some time with them, where we were all spoilt again!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the festive season. I hope everyone had a lovely time!

Nice wee family selfie 

Me and Riley in our christmas jammies
Leaving cookies and milk for Santa and carrot for Rudolph – he was super excited about that this year
Someone did very well this year!
A sample of the hubby’s wrapping skills…

Enjoying his new bike – haha
My little dude in his festive jumper


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