Sunday roundup 12/02

The last couple of weekends we have had brilliant behaviour from Riley, however if you have seen any of my previous posts you will know it has not been the same at nursery! His behaviour has flipped and whilst we used to have the raw end of the deal at the weekend, it is now those looking after him at nursery that have been most unfortunate. After a particularly bad day on Monday (the gist of this being he went to the toilet unattended with another child, they flooded the place and put their shoes down the toilet – I had to try so hard not to laugh when they told me this!) I’ve decided that I needed to do something other than the normal praising good behaviour.
Because of this I’ve been looking at how best to reward good behaviour and have decided to bring back the rewards chart. I let Riley choose the reward this week and he really wanted to go see the new Lego Batman movie. This actually surprised me as every time we go to the cinema he gets scared and we have to leave with a half hour of the film still to go. I still don’t know to this day how Finding Dory ended, or if the minions really did manage to get rid of Sandra Bullocks character.
So the deal was agreed – well behaved every day at nursery for the remaining four days and he could go see the film. Tuesday was the first day in weeks I had a good report from the nursery! I was so impressed! This was followed by yet more good behaviour on Wedensday. Finally on to something I thought!  
I had Thursday and Friday off work yet still ended up working for the majority of these two days off and have taken zero photos all week. Not very successful for someone who is wanting to capture family memories this year.
Riley also managed to avoid getting into trouble for both those days and actually made it successfully to the movies to see the film and not only that…he actually sat through it all! He was quite noisy at times, chattering away and blowing raspberries back at Batman when he started it, but I finally got to see a film the whole way through at the cinema! I’ll be honest, I actually quite enjoyed it too!
We spent the rest of the weekend at my parents house in Troon. We had a really long drive through on Saturday with some awful traffic because of one of the Glasgow football games. The normal 2 hour drive took just under 3 hours, Riley was not impressed for the last hour and a half and eventually ended up crying himself to sleep. 
 The weather has been so poor however that it’s been pretty restrictive in what we could actually do so we ended up settling on getting some cake mixture from the shops and made Minion cupcakes. Riley usually enjoys baking, but this time left it all up to me to do and unfortunately the finished product was not great!

That’s another weekend by and as always its gone far too quickly. I have a day off on Monday so am looking forward to a long weekend this time round! I think it is long deserved considering the hours I have been doing at work so far!  

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