Sunday roundup – 29/01

What a week! I’ve been away with work for most of it. Usually I can’t stand travelling for work, and well, this wasn’t an exception – a week away for a super intense workshop that I had spent the last month preparing for. Lots of senior managers and a very important issue to resolve. I am happy to say it was a complete success with many attendees announcing it the best hothouse event they had ever been to. Score!

I ended up out with my work colleagues every night and definitely had a fair bit too much to drink each night – which was absolutely needed after the time i spent preparing to get everything ready for the event. I swear, it was more stressful than planning my wedding!

I had far too many of these – felt like I was a teenager again! 

Got right on the selfies – was teaching my team all about how to take a selfie! God even with snapchat filters i still look exhausted in that pic!

The journey home wasn’t great, we got stuck outside London behind a broken down train and ended up running about half an hour late. This meant we missed our connecting train back home and ended up only getting back into Dundee at 11:45pm. Yuk. After going into a busy week already completely shattered, this was not good!

Having only seen Riley briefly for a morning drop off at nursery on Monday I was determined to make the most of the weekend with him.

However, you know what they say about plans….

Saturday was a dull and wet day, which later turned to snow. I’d promised Riley we’d bake cakes so needed to pop out to Tesco’s to get the basic ingredients. It had just started to snow at this point so we got dressed in warm jackets, Riley had his welly boots on so thanks to Peppa bloody Pig, decided it was best to jump in puddles. All was going well with a few soakings from the child until he found a gigantic puddle, the look of excitement on his face as i shouted at him to not even think about it…and what did he do? Ran to jump in it. Yup. Except the run turned into a tumble and he went flying head first into said massive puddle. Queue the tears. Back off home we went with a screaming child absolutely dripping wet.

On Sunday we actually got to make those cakes. I was quite enjoying making them until Riley sneezed into the bowl of cake mixture. Lovely. Although I won’t lie, I did have a cupcake afterwards. The gross things mothers do sometimes!

One of these days it would be awesome to actually have a successful weekend!


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