What a difference a hair cut makes!

We are going on holiday next week. I cannot wait! I’ve never felt I needed a break so much before, it’s going to be awesome to get away for a little bit. This is going to be a relaxing holiday – a bit of sun and sea, sunbathing and cocktails and a good family break. Our honeymoon back in January we went to Florida. Whilst it was amazing, was busy and full of action!

Every time before I go on holiday I get my hair cut and coloured so it looks fresh for going away! Now I’ve also got Kevin into this as well, which also means little boo get his hair cut too!

Riley LOVES going to the barbers. I told him on Thursday he would be going to get his haircut this weekend and he kept asking when he got home from nursery “Can I get my my hair cut now mummy?” I’m pretty sure this is just because he gets a lolly afterwards!

So off we went at 10am to get the boys hair cut. Kevin and Riley’s hair is so different. Riley seems to have taken my rather fine hair and Kevin has very thick wiry hair that doesn’t do much either than go curly! Oh…and is going grey!

Riley sat perfectly…giggled a few times when the clippers tickled him but was good none the less. Definitely warranted the lolly which he did successfully get.

Little Boo requested lots of spiky hair!

We had to rush home quite quickly after the boys had their hair done as I had an appointment at 12 to get my hair sorted! I had my hair extensions taken out last month and I’ve been really upset with how fine my hair is ever since, so I’ve been needing to give my hair a bit of something again! I’ve been bored with the standard bit of colour I’ve always gone for – so today, I decided to do something a bit different! Having found some rose gold colour pins on Pintrest i decided I wanted a variation of that!  
Before and after hair shots – colour makes such a huge difference to my complexion! 
You can’t see the pinky/red in the light in this picture, so you will have to take my word for it for now that it looks awesome! I guess it would have to after sitting in the hairdressers chair for 4 hours to endure lightning and toning to get the desired effect! 
I feel so much better about my hair now, so glad I have gone for something different this time around.  Even Kevin noticed looked different! Riley is already asking to go back to the hairdressers tomorrow again!
Two new hair-dos selfie
Epic fail – got to be quick to get a good photo of Riley – and careful not to get head butted in your eye! 
Now i feel we are all ready for our holiday-bobs! Can’t wait!


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